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You’ll find everything you need under one roof. Our multidisciplinary teams and trusted partners will support you at every stage of your project: design, management, construction, finishing touches and customer service.
Room reorganization

Do you need a home office to work from home? Does your teenager want a room in the basement? Would your parents like to move in with you in a bi-generational arrangement? Let us redesign your home to make it comfortable for everyone. Even if you think it’s impossible, at Salman Group we always have a solution.

Kitchen renovation

The kitchen is often the centerpiece of the home, where we spend most of our time in the company of loved ones. Do you want your kitchen to become the gathering place for family and friends? Let us create the main course of your dreams. 

Bathroom construction or renovation

Whether you want to add a shower, bath or laundry room in the basement or upstairs, transform your current bathroom into a veritable spa, or even completely renovate your bathroom, our qualified team will meet your needs and even propose innovative solutions you never dared dream of.

Basement finishing

Over the years, you’ve grown accustomed to ceiling beams, wires, pipes and cold concrete in your basement, but those days are over. Now it’s time to put the finishing touches on your basement. Our team will bring new life and turnkey finishing touches to your basement, making it as warm and inviting as the rest of your home.

Siding replacement

Are you looking for a new look that will make your home stand out from the rest and turn heads? Opt for siding replacement on the front or all 4 sides of your home. We can also change your windows, doors and roof, and give your porch or veranda a facelift. If your parking lot needs to be enlarged, modified or paved, Salman Group’s multidisciplinary team can do it for you. You won’t even recognize your own home!


Got an idea in mind? Our architectural technician and designer will help you design your house plans. They’ll come to your home, take all the necessary measurements, listen to your requests, advise you and help you take the first concrete step in your construction project.


To help you realize all your projects, we have created partnerships with various financial institutions. At Salman Group, we believe that offering turnkey projects means accompanying you every step of the way.

design solutions for You
Interior architecture and designer services

Would you like to hire an interior designer for your apartment, home or workplace? Are you thinking of renovating? Our interior architect and designer will advise you and propose a tailor-made project for the makeover of the space of your choice: ambience, light, color… will provide you with a proposal adapted to your desires and needs!

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